We make a difference to your business

We started Fathom because we believe that projects work better when technical developers and creative communicators collaborate.

Sometimes great ideas don't get off the ground because too much emphasis is spent developing an idea, and not enough time looking to see how that idea is going to connect with people, engage them in a 'sticky' way, and spread virally through their social network.

Our approach involves getting everybody – technologists and creatives - working closely together to ensure success. To do this we make sure that right from the very beginning user experience is at the heart of everything we do; whether it’s the product itself, interface, or sales, marketing, and user communications.

Startups, New Products & New Ideas

We can work with you right from the very beginning of a project, or we can come on-board at key strategic times to handle specific parts of your requirements.

As experienced innovators, we're used to creating engaging concepts and using cutting-edge technology to bring them to market across multiple platforms and channels. We've worked with companies ranging from Series A funded startups to pre-IPO businesses to global technology blue-chips.

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Optimization, Repositioning, and Pivoting

Our proven expertise can help you improve or refactor your existing product or service, and bring it to new places in thoughtful, innovative, and engaging ways.

The multidisciplinary teams at Fathom are skilled at working to overcome the challenges you face, from reimagining what you do for different channels and platforms, to bringing your product to new markets and consumers.

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Product, User, and Marketing Communications

We create powerful communications campaigns for startups and digital businesses, and transform how traditional companies and organizations engage online.

Our team can provide you with the communications you need to do business across the digital economy. From presentation materials to make sure your startup takes off, technical communications services, and sales and marketing campaigns, our range of services can help you.

  Services & Capabilities